Thorne Cemetery

Thorne Cemetery

Burial Charges

The Burial charges 2022. You can read them below or download the PDF

Memorial Plaque Policy and Bench rules. Download the PDF

The Chapel at Thorne Cemetery

Fees 2022

Reduced fees below apply to where the person to be buried or the deed holder was a resident of Thorne-Moorends with in the last 2 years, or in the case of a still born child, where one of the parents is, or at the time of the interment was, such an inhabitant or parishioner.

No charge will apply for a plot within the children’s section, a burial or a monument where the person to be buried is under 16 years old and was a resident of Thorne-Moorends within the last 2 years, or in the case of a still born child, where one of the parents is, or at the time of the interment was such an inhabitant. Where a new standard plot for 3 in the main part of the Cemetery is used there would be a 1/3 discount on the cost of the grave.

Part A - New Graves

1. New grave suitable for up to three interments:
Full fee: £1328
Reduced Fee: £664

2. New grave suitable for one interment:
Full fee: £1042
Reduced Fee: £521

3. Plot suitable for up to 4 sets of cremated remains (Z Section) (Headstones are permitted on the Z Section)
Full fee: £1144
Reduced Fee: £572

4. Small plot suitable for up to 2 sets of cremated remains (KSection)(Note: Only Plaques are permitted on the K Section):
Full fee: £572
Reduced Fee: £286

5. New grave – Young Persons Area
Full Fee: £530
Reduced Fee: £0

  • Items 1 to 5 do not include the cost of the first interment
  • There will be an extra charge of £240 for the preparation of a grave or vault-type grave for a casket type coffin.

Part B - Reopening of Graves

9. Opening of grave for first, second and third interment (Coffin)
Full fee: £820
Reduced Fee: £410

10. Opening of grave for ashes internment
Full fee: £410
Reduced Fee: £205

11. Additional charge for ashes below first level
Full fee: £410
Reduced Fee: £205

12. Charge for opening Young Persons Grave
Full fee: £368
Reduced Fee: £0

Part C - Use of the Chapel

13. Use of the Chapel: £50

Part D - Charges for Monuments

i. Headstone not exceeding 3ft 6” in height or cross not exceeding 4 ft 6” and up to 6” in depth:
Fee: £328
Reduced Fee: £164

ii. Extra over for cover slab (no more than 6”)

Fee: £450
Reduced Fee: £225

iii. Kerb Sets not exceeding 7 ft x 3 ft (Posts 8” in height, Kerb 6″ in height and 4” in width)
Fee: £348
Reduced Fee: £174

iv. Vault or ledger type memorial covering the whole of thegrave area not exceeding 7ft x 3ft
Fee: £654
Reduced Fee: £327

v. Additional inscription
Fee: £82
Reduced Fee: £41

vi. Tablet for cremated remains (base 2’x2′) (plaques 18″ x 18″)
Fee: £122
Reduced Fee: £61

vii.Memorial bench (initial 5 years)
Fee: £25
Reduced Fee: £25

viii. Memorial bench (each additional 5 years)
Fee: £25
Reduced Fee: £25

Charges for Other Services

14. Charges for exhumation, burials outside normal working hours etc. will be provided on request.

15. Charges for researching grave numbers will be at the Council’s discretion.

16.Graves that were pre-purchased between 1st January 1976 and 31st January 2005 still includethe cost of the 1st interment.

17. Any owner of a pre-purchased grave wishing to exchange to another grave is to pay the difference in charges and £25 administration fee.

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