Hall & Room Hire Fees from 1st April 2023

 Community halls at:

  • Assembly Rooms, Moorends Community Centre, The Winning Post, and the Coulman Pavilion

Community rooms at:

  • Assembly Rooms (Committee Room and Band Room), Moorends Community Centre and the Winning Post


Charges are per hour – bookings include time for setting up and cleaning and will be for a minimum for 2 hours.  

Price per hour Business  Charity & Community weekdays 

* £3 per hour reduction for bookings prior to 4pm

Charity & Community weekends  


Community Hall £25.00 £10.00 £15.00
Community Room £20.00 £8.00 £12.00


A £2.00 music licence fee will be payable per session where recorded music is played on the premises.

 Business is defined as those registered with HMRC and local authority bodies.

 Charity is defined by being registered as a charity with the Charity Commission.

 Community is defined as not-for-profit bodies or those offering a service to the community without profiteering.