Town Councillors

There are fifteen Thorne and Moorends Councillors who are elected representatives of our town; nine for Thorne and six for Moorends. Thorne and Moorends are one community and Town Councillors work together for the best interests of both Thorne and Moorends. Each councillor has many functions and responsibilities in the council. They are not paid and receive no income, so all work done on our residents behalf is completely voluntary.

We work within strict guidelines, which are set by Government Statute but we are often free to deem what is in the best interests of our Parish and act on it. We can employ solicitors, barristers or other professionals to advise on cases on behalf of the Community.

Please note that some Councillors have requested that their details are not shared on this website. 

Declarations of Interest

You can access declarations of interest for all Councillors by using the following link (please note that details may not yet have been updated by Doncaster Council following the 2021 elections):

Parish council – Thorne-Moorends Town Council – Modern Council (moderngov.co.uk)

DMBC Representatives

The Town Council works closely with other Local Authorities including Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council to secure improvements to the community infrastructure eg. the improvement of the highway network and better lighting etc.

The Town Council is not responsible for such things as Housing, Highways, Education, Planning decisions etc. However, as a separate body representing almost 20,000 people, we do act as a pressure group on Statutory Bodies. We are not under the influence of D.M.B.C although they do have to consult us on some matters concerning the Parishes.

Joe Blackham Susan Durant Mark Houlbrook
Ros Jones Mayor Of Doncaster

Ros Jones, Mayor of Doncaster

Address: DMBC, Civic Office
Waterdale, Doncaster

Tel: 01302 862224

Ed Miliband

MP for Moorends

Rt.Hon Edward Miliband

​Tel: 01302 875462
Email: ed.miliband.mp@parliament.uk

Nick Fletcher Mp

MP for Thorne

Nick Fletcher

Tel: ​​01302 579020
Email: Nick.fletcher.mp@parliament.uk