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Annual Public Meeting

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic the Town Council has not been able to host an Annual Public Meeting in 2020 or 2021.  The meeting is a statutory meeting of the parish and a chance for the parishioners to meet and discuss issues relating to the parish that the Council may be able to assist with. To a large extent social media now provides a forum for such discussions to take place however the legislation is there and the Council is obliged under that legislation to host this annual meeting.

Typically the Council will start the meeting by presenting a report of its activity over the previous year. Notwithstanding that the meetings have not been possible we have produced our usual report and this is available to download below:

Despite the meetings not happening we wish to remind the public that they are welcome at any time to send us questions, queries, observations and suggestions about anything relating to Thorne or Moorends. We will always respond and do our best to help and indeed take on board any suggestions for improvements and consider if we are able to deliver these suggestions, or pass them to other authorities and organisations who also may be able to help. We do not have an unlimited budget and there are limitations on our statutory powers.

We would recommend viewing the report as it does identify what we are responsible for in Thorne and Moorends. As a parish council our duties and responsibilities are very small in comparison to Doncaster Council. The large majority of calls we get at our offices are housing enquiries which falls under the remit of St Leger Homes. Despite many of our calls being for other organisations we will always direct enquiries that we can’t deal with to the right place.

Finally provided the Covid 19 pandemic is hopefully behind us and provided no other unforeseen issues arise which prevent public gatherings the usual physical annual public meeting should go ahead as normal in 2022.

Annual Report

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